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New cabinets are a major purchase for the home. They act as the defining fixture for most kitchens and are always in use once filled with dishes and house wares. Because cabinets play such an important role within the home there are endless style and customization choices available. Finding the type that best fits your needs and budget could be difficult without an understanding of what options are available within these four basic types.

The Four Basic Cabinet Types: 

Ready to Assemble- these cabinets are sold with the intention of being low cost. They come prepackaged and are available through all major chain home stores. While ready to assemble cabinets are most often the cheapest option they do have some draw backs. Of all the four grades listed here these cabinets will have the most limited options when it comes to choosing material, style, and size. Due to this their functionality and durability is by far the poorest. Also, as their name states, these cabinets do not come put together and require not only installation but the assembly of the product itself.

Installation: price not included

Stock- these cabinets make up a higher quality selection than the most inexpensive grade, and may offer more choices with regards to styling and materials. Materials used with stock cabinets may range anywhere from particle board to solid wood. However, because stock cabinets are mass produced they offer very little if any customization when it comes to sizing. It should also be noted that style choices will be limited only to what the company is currently producing. While economical, these cabinets like the ready to assemble option are also limited in their functionality and durability due to their lack of quality craftsmanship.

Installation: price typically not included

Semi Custom- these cabinets are considered to fall around the mid range price point. While they may lack the superior craftsmanship of truly custom cabinets this special order type does offer the possibility of some size adjustments, many more style, material, and finish options, and a wider selection of hardware. So in short semi custom cabinets offer some customizable options but not all.

Installation: price typically included

Custom-  this type of cabinets offers the best product available, and the most customization possible. Everything is made to order. Sizing, materials, styles, finishes, hardware, and everything in between must be chosen by the consumer and if you work with a reputable company you should be guaranteed the quality handmade workmanship of a skilled artisan.

Installation: price typically included

                        Cabinet door close up anitiqued off white Cabinet door close up                       Custom cabinet close up


The cabinet market offers many choices to consumers, and it can be difficult finding what is best for you. If styling and longevity is not important than stock particle board cabinets may fit your needs. If your cabinets need to last and look their best for a long time than custom or semi custom is probably the best option for you. There are so many factors to consider that it is always best to research what all the options of each type are prior to making a decision.

For those looking to get the most out of their cabinet purchase, with our next post we will get more in depth as to the misconceptions about price and available options between semi custom and custom cabinetry. For many the idea of custom cabinetry may seem like an unobtainable dream, but it can be possible for consumers to get a higher quality product with more customization for a better price when working with a custom shop.





Source: Cabinet Types: Which is best for you? by Elizabeth Beeler of HGTV Remodels

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