The Story Behind Van Jester Wood Works:

Van Jester Woodworks, formed in 2008, is a collective of master craftsmen linked by a desire to create. Rising from the ashes of one of the oldest millwork shops in Richmond Virginia, Beckstoffers and Sons, these artisans are skilled in working with wood, regardless of the style or function of the project. With a team cut from the rich  historical tradition of Besckstoffers and Sons, no custom woodworking project is too small or too large for Van Jester Woodworks. We appreciate any opportunity to bring an idea to life. Bring us a picture of something you would like to emulate, bring us a design idea that is all your own, or let us design the project you are envisioning. We specialize in utilizing antique and salvaged wood from barns, factories, and churches, as well as salvage materials like shutters, machine parts, fire bells, etc. Contact Us  or send us one of our easy to fill out Electronic Quote Request Forms today.


pile of reclaimed and salvaged wood at van jester woodworks     Stack of reclaimed and salvaged wood pieces at van jester woodworks

Reclaimed and salvaged wood at van jester woodworks reclaimed and salvaged wood recycled wood at van jester woodworks

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